Race info

Next event date – Sunday 28 April 2019

Event options

  • 50 km run from Greens Beach, westwards through West Head car park, along Badgers Beach, across Badgers headland and then along Bakers Beach to the western end, turn around and run back along the same route to the start/finish precinct.
  • 25 km run, first run in an easterly direction along the length of Greens Beach and then back, then proceed in a westerly direction along the coastal track past West Head car park, along Badger’s beach to the aid stations in the park at the western end of the beach, then back to the start/finish precinct.
  • 12 km run / walk, from Greens Beach, follow the coastal track to West Head carpark and back.
  • 5 km run / walk, on Greens Beach.
  • 50 km relay teams of two, same route as the 50 km solo option; except that one runner runs out for 25kms, the other back.
    Note: enter your team name in the drop down box provided in the online entry portal.

Aid stations: Situated at West Head carpark (6/44 km), Badgers headland (11/39 km) and the turnaround for the 50 km event at the western end of Bakers Beach. The aid stations will all carry water, Hammer Nutrition sports drink (water alone is not enough), coca cola, banana pieces and glucose type lollies. All aid stations are accessible by car.

First aid: The aid stations will carry First Aid kits.

Course measurement: Measured by GPS but if you have a Garmin or Suunto measuring device, please measure it for us together with elevation rise and fall.

Accreditation: The race is sanctioned by Australian Ultra Runners, Athletics Australia and Athletics Tasmania.

Race start time: 0800 hrs (Eastern standard time, to coincide with low tide) for those in the 50 km solo and relay. The 25 km will start at 1000, the 12 km at 1130 and the 5 km at noon. The start times are arranged to enable prizegiving to be held at approximately the same time.

Racebib collection: On the day only, available from 7:00 am in the start/finish precinct.

Parking: Adequate parking is available in the streets surrounding the start/finish precinct, the Eastern end of Greens Beach Road and in the eastern end of the Greens Beach Caravan park. There is room for at leadt 400 cars in this area..

Race singlets: These will be provided free of charge to runners and will be available for collection with your racebib. Although by no means compulsory, it would be appreciated if you could wear your singlet on the day. Please note that these need to be ordered 4=5 weeks before the event date. Runners who enter after this ordering date risk not receiving a singlet.

Commemorative medallion: Provided as part of your online entry. iTab is available for purchase as an online option, add $15.

Fancydress: Fancy dress is optional, but encouraged. The winning male and winning female will win a free entry to next year’s race.

Prizegiving: As soon as practicable after each event.

Results: Will be available on the website as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours of the race.

Photos: Will be taken by various photographers on raceday and will be available within 24 hours for viewing and download, free of charge.

Trash: Please bring all trash back to base. Please do not leave any wrappers or other trash on the trails. Leave only footprints and take nothing but photos.

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