Wombat Rescue

Wombat Rescue, Tasmania

The wombats of Tasmania are in serious trouble. Sarcoptic mange is decimating populations in the West Tamar Region and is spreading statewide. Wombat numbers in Narawntapu National Park (through which we run) have dropped to critical endangered levels. Numbers have dropped from thousands in the early 1800’s to just two. You read it right…. JUST TWO!!

There is a dedicated group of community members in nearby Kelso who are not ignoring the problem. They want to rescue Tasmania’s wombats. They are establishing a sanctuary in the heart of wombat habitat on the banks of the Tamar River.

They need your help to fund their efforts. Their goal is to eventually purchase 60 acres of land that has recently come up for sale in a naturally occurring wombat dense area at Kelso in the corner of the North East Coast of Tassie. Their dream is to have an area that is safe for the treatment and conservation of wombats, where they will be free from cull permits, roads & highways & where they can be successfully treated & rehabilitated after suffering the Sarcoptic Mange infection!

Wombat Rescue Tasmania also conducts prevention and treatment in the field by installing and maintaining hundreds of burrow flaps to keep wild wombats healthy.

Please donate generously. It’s a terrific cause.

For $20 you get a furry wombat, 150 mm high.

For $50 or more, you get a furry wombat of 300 mm high, complete with CnW singlet, plus free membership for one year (value $25) of Wombat Rescue Tasmania.

Your wombat will be available for collection from the Wombat Rescue Tasmania marquee on race-day at the event expo. Feel free to talk with WRT President Bea Mayne, who will be in attendance. Bea will be happy to explain in more detail the work that she and her team are undertaking.

Donations are fully tax deductible.

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